Wish for a child



Physical preparations and Nutrition

First of all becoming conscious of your eating habits and how to detox and cleanse your body through alkaline food is an important step. One can cleanse the body and the energyfield every day just with becoming conscious about nutrition and alkaline / acidic principles. This is a wonderful way to create a better environment for a baby.


To do that I will give you lists which food is alkaline and which is acidic and other tools to prepare your body in the best way for your baby.

Be aware - never go on a detox when you are already pregnant - but you can still eat alkaline food which is a great support for the pregnancy.


Energetic preparation for a pregnancy with energywork and energetic bodywork

As there is already a bond between mummy's energyfield and babysoul even before conception, an energetic session can prepare for the energetic weaving between mummy's and baby's energyfield.

Sometimes it happens that there are entanglements or blockages within the energyfield and the babysoul can't waeve itself into mummy's energyfield properly.

In one or more sessions we resolve these blockages - they could also have their origin in emotional traumas.

So one can prepare the body also through preparing the energyfield.


Emotional preparation - also possible with energy work

To prepare yourself on an emotional level is important especially when you had a few inseminations already and sex has become a duty during fertile days - combined with frustration, sadness and anger.

Because of that many emotions can be stirred up in a relationship and it can be like poison. Often the behaviour of a the man retrieving into a cave state when there are emotional difficult situations doesn't help the woman in these times at all and her emotional status becomes even worse. Sometimes that is even harder for the man to deal with it and he closes up. An unfulfilled wish for a child can be a great challenge for a relationship.

Getting back into a flowing state within her own body can also be a great challenge for a woman.

I can definitely help you with these issues.

Energy work and energetic bodywork can release frozen feelings, get everything back into flow, centres and brings the person back into trust.

With certain exercises a woman can retrieve her power.

To be able to trust again one has to let go first .... this is a hard task when one is possessed of a strong unfulfilled wish (for a child). ... I can work through these issues with you.