Elisabeth, 25 years old

I was 9 months pregnant when I booked a session with Bee. I had difficulties with contractions. There were only a few little ones and the birth should have started already, but it didn't. They tried to induce labour but it didn't work. They wanted to do a cesarian.

After only one session with Bee I could have a normal birth. She strengenthed me energetically and I was full of courage and hope. I am very happy with my little son!


Tanja, 23 years old

A few months ago I had a miscarriage. I was very sad and I felt that I haven't let go of it. So I decided to book a session with Bee. The session was wonderful! I could talk to the babysoul and it said, why it had to ga away again and after the session there was so much peace inside of me, so much joy and love! It was a wonderful experience! Now I feel free and open for something new to come. Thanks Bee!


Lisa, 34 years

For a long time I tried to get pregnant but it didn't work. A friend of mine recommended Bee. She guided me very lovingly through a few sessions. It became apparent that my future daughter and I had a traumatic experience in a former life and these intense feelings of fear stopped us from trying to have another mother-daughter relationship. I was not aware of that at all. After a few session we could work through these emotional blockages and we could heal the trauma. Soon after I was pregnant. Thanks so much!


Edith, 37 years old

I ahd 2 miscarriages in one year and I was psychological completely down. I felt very lonely and seeked special help. When I looked on the internet I found Bee's website which I immediately loved. After only one session I felt very much at peace with my miscarriages. Now I understand it and I can let go.


Daniela, 38 years old

I was overdue with my second baby. The birth of my first child was very difficult and it took ages, they had to get him out with a ventouse. I was scared. Bee got in touch with the babysoul and it told her what it needed. She was working with my second chakra and suddenly it felt like a dam was opening up in my pelvis and everything was very warm. It felt like a warm waterfall. The babysoul also answered my questions about what the impact will be on my first son when the baby came.

On the very next day I had contractions and after 2 hours my second baby was born! It was so easy and fast and I was very happy.

A few weeks later the atmosphere at home was just as the babysoul had said it would be.