Pregnancy Tips


* sickness

Often pregnant women lose weight within the first months! Don't worry. Your baby still has everything it needs.

If you feel sick it can be helpful to eat dry cookies or rice cakes on an empty stomach before you even get up in the morning, and you can drink warm lemon water.

Try it out - what helps you most.


* back ache

That can occur already in the beginning of the pregnancy. You can place your lower back on a soft ball and make circular movements with your pelvic.


* fatigue

It is normal to feel tired and without energy - sleep a lot if possible. Don't drink too much coffee but Mate tea (organic) can help a lot. It has a similar effect than coffee but not with coffein and it does dehydrate your system like coffee does.


* pelvis pain

That can be a sign of contractions. Please go to the doctor if you have these pains, even slight ones. If the cervix is long enough, everything is fine. You can't do anything with conventional medicine for this pain.

It helps a lot to wear eg. an Anita Baby Belt to ease the pain, take Magnesium (together with Calium) in form of Schuessler Salts. Magnesium relaxes the muscles - therefor also the uterus. Rest and elevate your legs.


* numbness in hands, feet, etc.

Through the babys growth your nerves can be constricted and you might feel a tingling in your hands, feet or pelvis area.

Use sesame oil leavened 6 weeks with forsythias blossoms. Put it on hands and feet, it is stimulating the blood flow.


* problems with scars

The sesame oil (see above) is very good for scars aswell. Just put it on them, or also on a perineal tear!

To prepare your pereneal tear for another birth, you can use a tampon soaked in this oil every now and then, also massage the tear with it!

Another wonderful option is putting medical clay on the scars (also on a cesarian scar!) - it is stimulating the blood flow.


* constipation

Magnesium in form of Schuessler Salts is great! Take it together with Calium (also Schuessler Salt).

Drink a lot.

Use lecicarbon suppository.


* fluid retention in legs

Use a breastfeeding pillow to elevate your legs during the night.
Use support stockings.

Parsley tea (or in any other form) is a natural diuretc :)


* raspberry leaves tea

Drink this tea in the last third of your pregnancy regularly and it will make your tissue soft - it is a great preparation for the birth!