Energiearbeit - Körperarbeit-Schwangerschaft-Kinderwunsch-Geburt-Schwangerschaftsabbruch-Fehlgeburt* You want to get pregnant?

* You have an unfulfilled desire for children?

* You are pregnant?

* You have problems in your pregnancy?

* You want to prepare yourself for the birth?

* You have suffered a miscarriage?

* You had an abortion?

* You want to contact your child's soul?


I offer energy healing & energetic body work - in an individual setting -
on the topics of fertility, pregnancy, birth, abortion and miscarriage

Energywork & energetic Bodywork

on the topics of fertility, pregnancy, birth, abortion and miscarriage

Energy Work & Energy Bodywork can be supportive in every phase of our lives.

Especially when trying to conceive, pregnancy, complications of pregnancy birth, after birth, abortion, and abortion.

If a baby soul connects to a mummy-body, this happens first on an energetic level. When there are any blockages, it may be that there arise complications - which begins at conception, during pregnancy and finally at birth.

You can often quickly dissolve simple blockages, in more difficult situations it takes usually a few sessions.

Our body-mind-complex has always the urge to automatically go into a harmonious state.
If a blockage exists and this is considered with presence and conscious awareness, self-regulation of the system can take place.

Furthermore, there is such a thing as a higher self, something that is wiser than our everyday state of mind. With this part of ourselves we can keep in touch and we get messages.

You come to me with an issue - and my focus is, that that will happen, what is in your and my highest good.

A session provides a healing, loving space. Through a deep acceptance of what is, one gains access to the higher wisdom, which expresses itself in everything.
Sometimes this deep understanding is enough ... just to be at peace with one's situation - out of that space often change arises - as it best serves us right now.

Sometimes a session goes by in silence while I work on your energy field. Sometimes communication takes place. Each session is different.

It may be that you have certain ideas about what is to be solved or what should happen. An intention is important, no doubt, but for a change of the "problem" I invite you to simply surrender to the moment and to see what may come.
Perhaps you feel nothing. Maybe you relax. Perhaps you experience deep feelings. You may recognize the root of the problem.

Whatever it is that wants to show up, it is seen lovingly, accepted and valued.

Whether in between or at the end of the session, I will give you feedback - if there are messages of baby souls, my observations in the energy field, the topics which have been shown to you, or aids and solutions for the way forward.

Energiearbeit via SkypeEnergywork via Skype - energetic distant healing
regarding topics such as wish for a child, pregnancy, birth, miscarrigae, abortion

Energywork can be also done in a distant healing session. I can access information about your energy field and your issues when you give me permission to work with you. Then a session via skype is possible.

At the beginning we have a chat about your situation, you tell me everything you want me know. Then you lie down and make yourself comfortable while I am working energetically with a photograph of you, which you have to provide in advance. When the session is over I call you again and we can talk about what has happened.

I do oberserve in more difficult cases that it is of advantage to work also with the body. In this case I recommend you come to a session personally.

Unfulfilled wish for a child

If you have an unfulfilled wish for a child it is possible that there is a blockade on one or more levels. Through conscious focussed attention on the body-mind-system a flow can be established through which a conception is possible.

There are different reasons why you can't conceive a child immediately.

It can be that the child just wants to choose it's date of birth...

It can be that previous lives have an affect on the present life and there are possible entanglements between baby soul and mummy soul. When this is the case it needs more sessions than one until emotional issues of past lives can be healed physically and energetically before conceiving a child is possible.

It is possible that there is no baby soul around in the aura of mummy / daddy, because a child was not planned in this incarnation. But one can change that - it is possible to invite a baby soul if there is a wish to become pregnant.

It is possible that mummy has energetical blockages in her pelvis and therefor it is difficult for a babysoul to settle down in mummy's womb. It might be necessary to "clean mummy first" and then a conception is likely to happen.

Or it might be the case, that the partner is not the daddy which baby wants. Baby might want to have a different daddy to be able to have different abilities, a certain character. That might explain why mummy would not get pregnant with one partner but it is easy with the next one.

There are many reasons - if you have an unfulfilled wish for a child just book a session and we will see what might be your reason that a conception hasn't worked yet.



Out of my own experience I know that baby souls get in contact with mummy and / or daddy long before a conception. That can be happening in different ways. One can feel them energetically, they could get in contact with us in our dreams, or they can give us messages in our daily lives.
Very often we know intuitively the name they want to have once they are born.
Babysouls can accompany us a long time before they actually have a physical body. It is very touching to get in contact with the baby souls and to communicate with them.

My children have accompanied me 10 years before I got pregnant. I even knew their names.


Babys can communicate with us especially during the pregnancy. Very often I receive images and messages what is going to happen energetically / emotionally in the family after the birth. Or they tell me what they need to feel good in their new body and their new surrounding.

It could be the case that there are difficulties during pregnancy. That is combined with blockages within the energy field and it has to do with the energetic weaving of 2 souls which can be sometimes accompanied by difficulties. Other reasons could be fears, unconstructive unconscious concepts or difficult outer conditions - physically or emotionally. These blockages can be resolved in one ore more sessions and the rest of the pregnancy can continue harmoniously.

A quite common situation is that at the end of a pregnancy the baby "does not want to come out", the baby is overdue. Or the baby does not want to turn around, you need to have a cesarian. If an energetic blockage is the reason for that, it is very possible that the baby turns around within one ore more sessions. But be aware the baby chooses the way it wants to come into this world! There are different energies going on during a "normal" birth than having a cesarian...both are experiences for the baby and valuable.



Giving birth is a wonderful experience, even if many women are afraid of it. The emotion fear is narrowing the energyfield. Trust expands the energy field. So in a session with me it is important to relax into your inner trust. Trusting your body, that it knows exactly what to do during birth. To feel one's body and through concentration and breathing one can consciously hold one's energy in a flowing state so that the birth can be easy and flowing.

If all blockages in the first few chakras are gone, you trust yourself and your body, then the birth will be flowing and easy.
Be aware of the fact that the baby is choosing the way and the conditions how it wants to come into life. So even if you did everything what you could and your birth was still difficult, be sure that everything is happening in your and your babys highest good. To say yes to everything that is happening, even if it is not comfortable, keeps you in the flow of life.


Miscarriage is very often a painful issue. One does not understand why things are happening the way the are. It feels like a part of oneself dies. Very often the babysoul gives me messages and reasons why there has been a miscarriage. This is being experienced as very comforting. In any case the experience of a miscarriage can be resolved in a session and through energetic bodywork the system can get back into a harmonious condition - physically, energetically and emotionally.

I have often experienced that once a miscarriage has been healed and a woman is at peace with it they are receptive and open for a new pregnancy.


Pregnancy Termination

There is no guilt. That is the most common feeling women have once there has been an abortion. Whatever reason they had for an abortion - in most cases there has been an emotional and physical trauma coming with it. This trauma can be addressed in a session and through presence and love and communication with the babysoul one can come at peace with it.

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