trying to conceive

you would like to get pregnant?

you have an unfulfilled wish for a child?


you are pregnant?

you experience difficultiees in your pregnancy?




birth & miscarriage

you want to prepare yourself for the birth?

you had a miscarriage?


you had an abortion?
you would like to heal and resolve it energetically?







you would like to get in contact with the babysoul?
you would like to heal the experience of a miscarriage with the babysoul?

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energy healing & women counselling



...all around the topics of trying to conceive, pregnancy, birth, miscarriage and abortion, relationship, menopause, despair, entanglements, and everything that moves YOU...


Energy Work & Women Counselling can be supportive in every phase of our lives.

Especially in the case of the wish for a child, during pregnancy, complications during pregnancy, for birth preparation, during the birth, after the birth, after abortion, and in the case of miscarriages, abortions, death of a child.

When a baby soul connects to a mummy's body, this happens first on the energetic level. If there are blockages, there may be complications - this starts at conception, in pregnancy and finally at birth.

Simple blockages can often be resolved quickly, more difficult ones usually require a few sessions.

Our body-mind complex always has the urge to automatically reach a harmonious state.
If there is a blockage and this is acknowledged with presence and conscious perception, self-regulation of the system can take place.

Furthermore, there is something like a higher guidance, a soul, something wiser than our everyday state of mind. To this part of ourselves we can connect and get messages.

You come to me with an issue - and I work with the intention that everything happens in your highest good at this moment.

A session offers a healing, loving space where change can happen. Through a deep acceptance of what is, one gains access to the higher wisdom that is expressed in everything.
Sometimes this deep understanding is enough to be at peace with one's own situation and sometimes change arises out of this space - what serves us best at this moment in time.

Sometimes a session passes silently while I am working on your energy field. Sometimes communication takes place. Each session is different.

When I work with you remotely, I might not talk to you during the session unless I feel I need to.

You may have certain ideas about what is to be solved or what has to happen. An intention is important, without question, but for a change of "problem" I invite you to just surrender to the moment and see what may come.
Maybe you don't feel anything. Maybe you are relaxing. Maybe you experience deep feelings. Maybe you recognize the root of the problem.

Whatever it is that wants to show itself, it is lovingly seen, accepted and valued.

Whether in between or at the end of the session, I will definitely give you feedback - whether it is messages from baby souls, my observations in the energy field, issues that showed up in you, or aids and solutions for your path. Or you just let the treatment have an effect on you and don't want a lot of mental information. It is entirely up to you.

How often you want to come, it is up to your inner guidance. Some women enjoy having sessions regularly. It helps them to be more stabilised mentally and emotionally, in parenting and in relationships.

Especially if you have the wish for a child, several sessions might be necessary. Blockages appear in layers and in one session I sometimes see only the tip of the iceberg. Sometimes it would simply be too much to solve everything at once. In the course of several sessions the energy field opens more and more and it can be really "cleaned".

Like everywhere in life, the principle of resonance applies. If you feel attracted by what I have to offer, then this is the right thing for you.


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Energy Healing & Women-Counselling

...all around the topics of trying to conceive, pregnancy, birth, miscarriage and abortion, relationship, parenting, menopause, despair, entanglements, and everything that moves YOU...


You tell me your situation, your concerns - and I show you a new perspective from the point of view of the energetic world.

This changes your point of view and your feelings about it. Depending on how open you are to new things, you can resolve issues, heal wounds and find inner peace.

I can give you a single energetic treatment or I can accompany you emotionally, mentally, spiritually in whatever phase you find yourself in your life.

This concerns all topics that a woman can have: Relationship, children, babies, parenting, work - I really appreciate working with women, we are just great. (Men are great too). Especially when they take responsibility for their lives, their wounds, their thoughts and feelings.
And don't forget...always be kind to yourself!


energy healing & women counselling

via skype / Telefon / Signal

Energiearbeit via Skype

...all around the topics of wish for a child, pregnancy, birth, miscarriage and abortion, relationship, parenting, menopause, despair, entanglements, and everything that moves YOU...

Energy work can also be done remotely with a photo. I get information about your energy field and your issues as soon as you want me to work with you. So a session with SKYPE or WhatsApp is possible. You can choose with or without video. Most women when they contact me feel vulnerable and choose just to talk to me. That is perfectly fine, I don't need to see you to have acccess to your field. It gives you a certain privacy when you show your wounds.

We have a conversation at the beginning, then you lie down comfortably while I do energy work with a photo you sent me in advance. When I'm done, I will call again and we discuss what has changed.

Sometimes we do the session together and talk to each other during the session.

Many women contact me from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and America.

The place where you are is not relevant for the energy work. Because everything is energetically connected with each other.

From my own experience I know that the soul of a child often makes contact with the future mother and/or father long before conception. This happens in different ways. They can be felt energetically, they can communicate with us in dreams, or they can give us direct messages in everyday life. Often we intuitively know their names they want to have. Baby souls often accompany us for years before they incarnate into their physical form. It is very touching to contact and communicate with these souls. It often happens within the sessions.

If you wish to have a child it is not happening, the physical situation must first be clarified. If it is physically possible to become pregnant and the desire to have children does not occur, there may be a blockage on another level.

The energy field (meridians, chakras, aura) can be blocked.

There are several reasons why conception does not work immediately.
It may be that the child simply wants to choose the date of birth and therefore you try to get pregnant for months and it does not work.
It may be that earlier lives have an effect on today's life and there are entanglements between the baby's soul and the mamma's soul. Experience has shown that in this case several sessions are needed before emotional issues from previous lives have changed energetically and physically before conception is possible.
It may be that there is no baby soul in the aura because a child was not intended in this incarnation. Nevertheless, one can invite a baby soul to one if there is a desire for pregnancy.
As a mother, you may have energetic blockages in your pelvis and therefore a baby soul cannot nest. Then you would first have to "clean your mommy" and then a conception could possibly take place.

There are many reasons - if you have an unfulfilled wish to have a child, it is best to make an appointment and we will see what the reason is for you.


Babies can communicate with us during pregnancy particularly well telepathically. They often send me pictures of the emotional / energetic state of the family after the birth, or they tell me exactly what they need.

If difficulties occur during regnancy this is often related to blockages caused by two bodies being weaved together. Or because of fears, concepts or family circumstances. Such blockages can be solved and the rest of the pregnancy can be harmonious.

It may be that the baby is overdue.
Or the baby does not want to turn around and a caesarean section is pending. If a blockage is associated with this, the baby may turn after one or more energetic treatments. But be aware of the fact that the baby chooses the way to come into this world. That means it might want to have a ceasarean if it doesn't turn. Don't worry, because then this is the best way to be born into this life for that baby soul.

There's no guilt. Whatever the reason for abortion, the emotional and physical trauma associated with it is looked at in my sessions and through presence it can be at peace. Most of the time the soul of the child speaks up and sends a message to the mother. A mutual letting go and forgiveness is necessary so that the baby soul and the mother can continue their journey in peace.

Birth is a wonderful experience, although many women are afraid of it. It is important to understand the background of fear. Fear also narrows the pelvis and cuts off the energetic current. My sessions are about getting into trust. To feel one's own body and to keep the energy in the flow through breathing and concentration so that the birth can take place easily and quickly.
If all blockades in the first chakras are cleared, this can be very beneficial for the birth.

Miscarriage is often a painful topic. You don't understand why it happened. It is as if a part of yourself dies. Usually the soul of the child makes contact with the mother in a session. This is experienced as very comforting and healing.
In any case one can solve the trauma with energy work and the system can bring itself again into a harmonious state. Of course, the mother must also be ready to let go and let the trauma heal. Mourning is important and if this is not yet over, then you may need a few sessions to heal it. Every woman feels for herself what she needs and you are free to decide when and how often you come to me.

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