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Energy work

Energy work describes the work with the energetic field of the human being.

"Our physical body is permeated by an energy field in which to manifest our experiences of illness and health. The right way to deal with this energy field makes it possible for us to heal ourselves and others."
(Barbara Ann Brennan)

In the energy work a therapist can perceive the current state of the client's energy field. Then blockades are encouraged to dissolve. This occurs not only during the meeting with the therapist, but also afterwards.

Various media are being used to influence the energy field - in the end, everything affects the human energy system - both positively and negatively.

I use crystals, sounds and especially my hands.

Often the client noticed an immediate change, but sometimes a change is being felt after there was a reorganization of the organism.

Trust in his own inner source of strength and a willingness to let go of old patterns is the best basis for a comprehensive change.

Every thought creates energy and changes the energy field. This is also the principle of energetic bodywork.

Energetische KoerperarbeitEnergetic Bodywork

... lovingly dealing with the body...

Our body stores all our experiences in its cells.

In the first 3 years of life experience all experiences are being stored without images or words, because the development of the language has not taken place yet. They are stored in the form of feelings and body sensations.

Energetic body work is a combination of two different approaches.

Firstly, the quantum healing, on the other hand the emotional reintegration after Dr. Peter Bolen - a scientifically accepted method within the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP).

Dr. Bolen developed the joint work that allows the body to let go gently of tensions and old traumas. This is a process that can reintegrate old, split off emotions thus triggering a self-regulation of the organism.

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An energetic treatment can't replace a medical treatment by a doctor!

Pregnant women are invited to have a gynaecological pre-treatment!