Puerperium and breastfeeding tips


If it is the first child most of the time a woman only thinks until the birth. Of course one imagines how it will be with the baby, but what is going to happen a few weeks after the birth, one can't imagine.

It is a total change. First hormonal, physical and emotional changes during pregnancy then dealing with the new situation: birth is over, baby is here and and everyone is happy. The emotional status of the woman can vary though. Some are very happy, some are depressed or very sad - there are a huge amount of feelings which can come up - they are also caused by hormones! Refrain from having guilt feelings about any feeling you have! It can feel like an emotional circus inside....

A midwife once told me:
" A woman falls in love with her child right after birth, or she falls in love later."

It could be that the woman is so overwhelmed, that she does not fall in love right away...that is completely normal. It helps women often when I tell them that.

What can you expect in the puerperium? Every situation is different.

* eventually sleep deprevation

your baby needs you day and night - depending on the child you might get more or less sleep....

if you get less sleep you will have a hormonal boost to get through it, don't worry


* perineal tear

In case you had a perineal tear and you can't sit, peeing is painful => urinate while having a shower, that is much less painful!

In case you have pain going to toilet, take lecicarbon suppository!

To let it heal faster get some homeopathic medicine => Arnica Globuli D6


* sore nipples

The best trick when you have sore nipples while breastfeeding!

Soak your nipples into an eggcup filled with organic olive oil - do not rub it in, just dip it in after breastfeeding!

Then use a nursing pad - finished!

Even before breastfeeding dip your nipples in the oil, the baby will lick it a little, that's no problem. The nipple will be soft and smooth and babys sucking won't hurt...


* sport during puerperium

Don't do it! Especially no belly muscle exercises...

BELLY-CHECK - when can you do abdominal muscle exercises?

Lie down on your back on the floor, tense your abdominal muscles and elevate your upper body slightly - now press with your hand above your navel into your abdominal muscles - in the middle between the navel and the beginning of the rib cage you will feel a "hole" - if you still feel that, then you are not allowed to do any abdominal muscle exercises, because these muscles have to close up again. If you do exercises too early, there is the danger that the hole stays.

Only if you do not feel a hole anymore, you can start with exercises. That can vary from between 1-4 months.