Birth Tips


* contractions

Every female body is different. Each needs something different during birth. One woman loves to be massaged, the other one doesn't want to be touched. A birth is something very individual and you have to listen to your inner guidance, what you need.

There are physical body positions which make contractions easier.

Birth with little pain through breathing and concentration:
During contractions place your pelvic onto a large Pezzi Ball plazieren, place behind you a piece of furniture where you can put your ellbows (maybe a massage teable). Place both feet firmly on the ground. Your partner can sit opposite you and can hold your knees. Both are focused on the moment. The woman moves her pelvic in circular movements and when a contraction arises, breathe in once the pain starts to rise until the peak of the pain is over.

However you position your body during birth, the mental concentration onto the contraction wave is the key to an easy birth with little pain. Be totally in the moment. Do not think ahead.


* press contractions

Prepare a thermo with hot strong coffee! Additionally a few pieces of cloths.

While you have press contractions press a cloth soaked in hot coffee onto your perinneum. Your body will relax immediately and it stimulates the blood flow in your perinneum so much, that the baby will slip out very easily :)