Birth list

Lecicarbon-suppository (these are suppository with gas, which help you after birth and eventual perineal tear! They are without side effects!)

Arnica D6 (Homeopathic Medicine - helps to heal wounds (be aware that after the birth we still bleed because of the Abösung der Plazenta - we do have a big wound inside our womb!)

Nosode: You can extract a Nosode out of the Plazenta - keep a little piece of it and put it into a special Flüssigkeit, wich you have to organise before the birth - you can get it in a chemist - put the piece of Plazenta in it and bring it to the chemist. They will extract a liquid out of it, which can be used to make homeopathic medicine - the very own medicine for the child - it strengthens its immune system and helps with all physical and emotional problems.

* Olive oil organic!

* A lot of thick Binden...

The rest you get out of any book....bottles, babyclothes, etc...