Mag. Birgit Leitner

Birgit Leitner


I am a mother of 2 wonderful children.

For 20 years I devoted myself to healing, therapy, meditation, music, sound healing, crystal healing, energywork and similiar other things.

When I was 16 years old I studied viola at the university of music and performing arts in Vienna.

After my A-levels I studied music therapy at the same university. I worked many years as a music therapist with handicapped children and adults. Often I was stretched to my limits and I seeked support for my work within the energywork.

During this time I trained to be a crystal healer at the international college of crystal healing in London for 4 years.

Besides that I did a training in soundhealing, overtone singing and chakrasinging for 2 years.

My work as a music therapist changed through that. I often used elements of the energywork and saw unbelievable success within the process of the client.

Then I trained to be a Webdesigner and I am also a freelance webdesigner.

2011 I finished the psychotherapeutic remedial course at the University of Vienna, Austria.

2014 I finished my training in body psychotherapy within the Association of Emotional Integration
(The European Association of Psychotherapy (EAP) has scientifically approved of and accepted the modality of „Emotional Reintegration“ on 12th July 2002 within the European Association for Body Psychotherapy (EABP).)

2016 I finished my training in holistic massage.

Many years ago trees and crystals started talking to me. I didn't know what I should think of it - but I got more and more confirmations form the outside and so my trust in these messages grew.

One time a woman asked me to talk to her trees in the garden, something was wrong. I stood in front of the tree and became silent when the tree suddenly talked to me - it was female and she said I should go away - she was annoyed. Then she said she didn't like the place where she was standing.

The owner was surprised and said, that this tree was the only one which does not carry any apples. I talked to the tree again to find out what we could do to make it better. After a few changes the tree had so many apples next year that they needed to assist the branches...


Also crystals started to give me messages. A short while ago I went to a crystal shop - they had a double ended rock crystal which was so big that I could sit on it. I was not tuned into communication with it at all when it suddenly said that he felt very bad and very sad.

I told the shop keeper and she was astonished - she said, no one ever looked at it, even though it was so big. No one was paying attention. I asked the crystal what it needed. It just said " I want to go back home!" - it was very touching. All changes such as putting plants around it or other crystal didn't make a difference to it's condition. The shop keeper then looked actively for a buyer with a garden. When she found one, the crystal changed and many people suddenly saw it in the shop, touched it, it seemed that the crystal felt much better after hearing the news. It is now in a beautiful garden and is not so homesick anymore it seems.

Later baby souls started talking to me. They told me what they want to be called, which changes will be in the family when they were born, they told me why a normal pregnancy was not possible or what they need to have a normal pregnancy.

The most touching story I have experienced was with a baby which didn't want to come out. It was a girl and it said it was very afraid and not sure at all if she wants to be born. So we had an energy session and I gave her much comfort. I cleared all energetic channels and I cleared fear energy. After one session the baby was born without any problems.