I want to get back in shape!


A woman feels different after she has given birth. Her body changes in a way which is completely new to her.

After breastfeeding time (not matter how long it is) mummy has her body back - she doesn't have to take care of food or drinks anymore, can do sports without fear that the milk stops... (too much exercise does indeed stop the milk and breastfeeding can become difficult!)

Still a baby needs the whole attention - to find time and energy to lose weight or get back into shape is very often straining and difficult. Of course one wants to have straffe breasts, straffen belly and slim legs or whatever desire regarding body shapes...


Figur zurück nach der SchwangerschaftYou want to have toned breasts?

You want to have a toned belly?

You want to have slim legs / arms?



Get back in your shape with a wellness side effect!


To get back in shape women think in terms of diet and exercise. Only a few know the secret of conscious eating habits, massage and wellness baths to get back into shape!

I will tell you all about it! You need a little discipline and consciousness regarding nutrition, other than that you just need to relax and enjoy :)


1. Nutrition - Alkaline and Acidic Food

What kind of food you eat when is important. If you eat too much acidic food (which we all do constantly), we have an imbalance in our alkaline-acidic balance within our bodies.

If you put more alkaline food into your body, lots of detox can happening. Acids can only get out of the body if there is are enough alkalines to transport the acids out of the system.

What is alkaline?

For more information check out P. Jentschura - it can support such a diet, but it is not necessary. Just easier.

I have lost 20 kg after my second birth only after one year with this method! I know what I am talking about! :)


2. Increase Blood circulation within the body

With an increased blood flow toxins can be washed out more easily, the tissue gets strong again....

With doing sports this is possible but to be honest, how many mummys feel fit to do sports after they had a bad night sleep because the baby has to bed constantly fed?

Very often the energy level of mummys to do something for themselves is quite low. But to relax and enjoy without much motivation needed - that is something a woman can accept in these times.

So instead of (or additionally to) sports one can enjoy a special kind of massage which is also increasing the blood flow in the body.


3. Getting toxins out of the body - and enjoy a lovely bath

After tis special massage you have to have a nice bath with alkaline bath salt.

And you need a laptop (if you want). As often as possible you need to bath and you can watch a movie while doing that...or you can meditate...or listen to nice music...just stay in the bath for at least 1 hour because the detox starts only after half an hour.

The feeling you will have after the bath is just heavenly - I promise!


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